(price includes earrings,

service & antiseptic solution)

Stainless Steel
$40 - $58

24KT Gold Plated
​$45- $58

14KT Yellow Gold

(Flower & Diamonds & Studs, oh my!)

$64 - $95

14KT White Gold

(Flower & Diamonds & Studs, oh my!)

​$65 - $95


Stainless Steel or 14K White Gold

$47 - $76

Whether it's your first or tenth time getting pierced, we know it can be nerve racking. Know that the Inverness system we use has been proven to be the safest, more sterile and most painless system on the planet. Our experienced, professional, and clean team of trained piercers can offer you a comfortable and safe experience for your ear piercing and nose piercing needs in Moncton | Dieppe.

Baby's first time? Great! WE LOOOOOVE BABIES!  our team is incredibly experienced and will do everything possible to offer you and your baby a comfortable, safe and memorable visit.


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Ear Piercing in Moncton | Dieppe

We use the Inverness Method of ear and nose piercing. Proven to be the safest, most gentle and most sanitary method in the world. To learn more about our technology, visit the Inverness Website.