Eyeliner - $300+

Permanent eyeliner on the top and bottom eyelids adds depth to the gaze. Eyeliner is drawn onto the top and bottom lids for permanent emphasis of the eye area. The delicate and color-coordinated contours make the eyes appear bigger with greater beauty and expression. Any patches of missing eyelashes can also be discretely concealed to give the eyes an air of mystery. This service is also common for men.

Lip Contours - $450

Poor or unfavourably shaped contours and corners of the mouth are optimally adjusted.

​Liplight - $400+

Liplight is only applied to the central area of the upper lip. Liplighting lines are added to give the shape of the lips a more 3D effect.

3D Lips - $1,100+

In case of uneven lip outline the lip contour gets drawn in the desired shape and intensifies the colour and expression of the lips. The shapes of the upper and lower lips are adjusted for a symmetrical look and the cupid's bow highlighted subtly.

With a pecial 3D-shading-technique, the lips get filled with the customized lip color. This 3D-shading-technique creates a natural look on your lips with a maximum volume effect.


Eyebrows can be fully reshaped and any patches of missing hair growth or gaps can be returned to their natural appearance with the addition of fine hair lines. Eyebrows which are too thin or with an unfavourable shape can also be permanently corrected. The individual hairs are drawn in fine lines and filled in subtly. Use of such fine lines makes it impossible to tell thatthese missing hairs have been drawn in. Shaded shadowing can also be added to emphasise the eyebrows powers of expression. The eyebrows are given a natural look and emphasise the face to the optimum.

Microblading - $400

Microblading is a technique used to create super real hair strokes with a manual tool. It's a great option for those with sparse hair or looking to create a more defined shape.

Nano Needling - $500

This method gives the illusion of  individual hairs that blend into your existing brows using a digital pigmentation machine. A great option for those with oily skin who are not good candidates for Microblading.

Powder-Ombre Brow - $500+

This eyebrow enhancement creates the softest shadow of a colour similar to the effect created with an eyebrow powder or pencil. It's a great option for any age and skin type and can be combined with Microblading.



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Benefit from the indescribable feeling of looking good around the clock. Daiva, our in-house specialist, has a well trained eye for customizing the right proportions, styles and colours for any face and skin tone. ​​A well-maintained appearance around the clock can be achieved if the eyebrows have a natural shape, delicate eyeliner gives the eyes greater expression, the contours of the lips are just right and daily make up is superfluous. Just give us a call.

Permanent make up is of particular benefit to:

  • People who value a well-maintained appearance and want to save time
  • glasses and contact lens wearers
  • People with visual impairment or blindness
  • Athletes
  • People who have had cosmetic surgery
  • People who have had chemotherapy
  • People with allergic reactions to conventional cosmetic products
  • People with poor hair growth such as alopecia
  • People with scarring between their eyebrows or on their lips

​​Colour Durability

Remember that the more carefully you follow the recommended after-care measures, the better and longer your permanent makeup will last. During the first week you should avoid visits to a tanning salon, sauna or swimming pool. Also avoid direct sunlight and do not apply any exfoliation treatment to the affected areas.